The keywords

Interregional Cooperation and Territorial Innovation. Digital Skills. International Cooperation and Collaboration with the Market. Technical Support - Technological and Digital Services

Lines of action

Assinter Italia works to foster cooperation between the associated companies for the transfer of skills in information technologies sector; to represent and value companies with regional participation in the IT sector for the Public Administration according to the "in house providing" model; to protect the interests of associated companies and manage their relations with the institutions and the market; to collect, develop and disseminate informations, launch studies, research and projects related to innovation technology at European, national and regional level.

A network of skills and numbers

One of the strategic goals at the base of the associative activities is to encourage collaboration between the associated companies according to the logic of interoperability, the reuse of best practices and the realization of shared projects.

Beginning from the assets, the know-how and the mission of each ICT regional in-house, four areas of action have been identified.

The organizational features of the areas of action are:

  • coordinated by a leading partner due to his mission and skills acquired;
  • open towards the composition of working groups through the membership of the associated who intend to support the work in a specific area of intervention;
  • aim to share technical-operational know-how on specific issues.

The areas of action are four:

  • Digital healthcare system
  • Relations with the market
  • Networks and Infrastructures
  • HR Organization & eSkills