Assinter Academy

The Assinter Academy gives access to a wide training area on public management and the management of ICT innovation on the national market. The Academy is founded in collaboration with the most prestigious national national institutes

Why an Assinter Academy

In this phase of big changes in the governance models and organizational structures of regional and provincial in-house IT, it is necessary to revive and expand the skills of those who must enhance, govern and manage information and Communication Technology. in support of the PA and its innovation.

Digital agendas (European, national and regional) are the reference framework in which operate ensuring that thanks to technological and organizational innovation the necessary actions to rationalize public spending do not jeopardize the quality of services provided to citizens and companies.

The sector of ICT in-house companies of Regions and Autonomous Provinces represents a strategic  hinge in the economic-productive ecosystem, starting from the role of support to the evolution and development of the demand for modernization of the Public Administration. In this mission, the enhancement of people and digital culture are a strategic level of innovation.

In this context, training must make an active contribution, reducing the cultural divide that still today presents itself in the public sector in the field of Management and management of Digital Innovation.

Assinter Italia and its associates achieve an advanced training initiative for managers, directors and technicians of the ICT  in-house companies, institutions and administrations of the national territory in order to stimulate the growth of a training offer able to guide professionals with skills in line with the needs of the public and private market.


• To reduce the cultural divide, integrating training in the framework of a broader project for the development of culture and skills for the management of Digital Innovation in Public Administrations.

• To establish a training center and a permanent qualification that, supporting the theoretical and methodological contribution to moments of comparison and experiential activities, allows to accompany the ICT managers of Public Administrations and in house Companies into an evolution and empowerment process.

Assinter Academy 2019

Al via la sesta edizione di Assinter Academy, l'iniziativa realizzata con la collaborazione scientifica delle principali università italiane e il supporto dei maggiori player privati del settore ICT

Assinter Academy 2018

Al via la quinta edizione dell'Assinter Academy, realizzata in collaborazione con le principali Università italiane e con i maggiori player privati ICT.