The network of collaborations

The Association arises from the will of different territorial realities to pool resources in order to to achieve system goals. From here, Assinter’s mission is completed by interregional dialogue with the related national and foreign structures: to contribute to the dialogue and the national and European planning of digital innovation of public administration systems.

Observatory on Digital Skills

After the success of the previous editions, it has been launched the 2017 edition of the Observatory on Digital Skills, promoted by Assinter Italia, Assinform, Assintel and AICA, together with the Agency for Digital Italy and the Ministry of Education, University and Research, in order to give continuity to a unitary project that places the theme of Digital Culture at the center of reflection and its role in the Italian training and entrepreneurial system.


In 2014, Assinter Italia joined EURITAS, the European network of public IT companies.

Relations with the market

For Assinter is fundamental the dialogue and pre-competitive collaboration with all the realities and associations in the sector.

International relations

Assinter establishes itself as a privileged interlocutor for Institutions, Corporate bodies and all public and private entities to facilitate the synergic action of all ICT Companies of Regions and Autonomous Provinces.