Antilope Project

Promoting networking among operators and the dissemination of eHealth interoperability standards in Europe: this is the aim of the Antilope Project, launched in 2013 by the European Commission to encourage the use of homogeneous standards and profiles.

Within UE eHealth 2012 – 2020 Action Plan, the Antilope Project aims to propose interoperability testing, quality labeling and a framework for a european eHealth certificaion by 2015.

The Italian summit of Antilope was held in Treviso on 18th June 2014 and will offer decision makers the opportunity to know and understand the necessity for tools and related policies, necessary to support interoperability in the Italian regions and towards Europe.

Assinter Italia, with the expert collaboration of the partner Arsenàl.IT, has therefore become spokesperson and leader in Italy of the diffusion of cases, materials and tools that will support in the future the processes of interoperability of health systems in all European .